6G before 2028?

The Global Tech Market Advisory Research firm ABI announces in its research 6G Standards and Market Development report “a completely new communication system” where user privacy, data security and energy sustainability are the new key features that make 6G better than a 5G.

The first standard technology is expected around 2026 whilst, the first commercial deployments could be as early as 2028 or 2029.

According to the Research, the challenges associated with 6G communications stem from five key components: data privacy enforcement, network security, cost effective-approach toward rapid network deployment and expansion with emphasis on remote and stand-alone areas, a reduction in the price of mobile communications’ utilization, increase life battery, a high data rate buoyed with an end-to-end low latency regime.  The study highlights a set of trade os including the key challenges and potential solutions for 6G communications.

According to the same Research, 6G communications are expected to raise the bar currently set by 5G communications by enhancing services from the perspectives of network data availability, mobile data rate, and seamless ubiquitous connection. In addition, 6G communications will utilize an unusual communication approach to gain acceptance to various mobile data categories and send them via traditional enhanced radio-frequency networks.


Source: ABI Research https://www.abiresearch.com
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