The Future of Energy [simplified]’ video series provides answers to your most frequently asked questions about the energy transition.

Technical and business leaders from Cummins share their insights in response to your questions, making the future of energy accessible and understandable.

Explore a variety of topics such as “What is the energy transition?”, “How does hydrogen work?”, “What is the role of electrification?”, “Can a diesel engine run on hydrogen?”, and more in these short videos.

Energy Transition Basics

What is the current energy transition? Have there been other energy transitions throughout history? Let’s look at what greenhouse gases are, and the difference between carbon dioxide vs. methane. How does the energy transition impact the economy, and what’s the future of diesel?

The ‘Future of Energy’ playlist explores whether our energy consumption is increasing, and why energy efficiency is important. We’ll also address energy poverty challenges and the difference between energy and power.

Carbon and Emissions Terminology
Discussion of the future of energy often involves a lot of talk about Carbon.

These videos explain carbon terminology, including the meanings of net zero, carbon zero, and carbon neutral. They also cover the differences between well-to-wheel vs. tank-to-wheel emissions, and scope 1 vs. scope 2 vs. scope 3 emissions.

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